Privacy Policy and GDPR

An update to our privacy policy

Due to the forthcoming changes to Data Protection regulations, in particular with regard to GDPR, we are introducing some new capabilities within the platform to help all our clients manage these new requirements.

In particular, there are significantly more capabilities and flexibility to the Application Form process, which will be implemented from the 23rd of May 2018.

At this point, by default, you will not experience any overt change to your processes. However, you will then have the facility for applicants to sign consent/acknowledge any GDPR consent policy you have in place.

To aid transition, we are here to help you set these up so please feel free to send us your GDPR statements and we will update these on C247 for you.

Alternatively though, if you would like to do this yourself, and also take advantage of the many new options available within the application form process, please follow the attached guide to configuring the new application form which will be available from the 23rd of May.

Also attached is a copy of our updated privacy and data protection policy for your records.

As ever, if we can be of any other service, please do contact us on the usual support numbers below.