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Define tasks

Set up and configure different pages/groups of tasks or staff to carry out. Define when these need to be met and set who is responsible for ensuring they are met and who is to be notified if they are not met.


Highlight and send alerts to area managers if tasks become overdue or to operations directors if rotas are not completed and confirmed.

Tick box approach

Define different types of questions which staff should answer when they have carried the task out using a simple tick box approach.

Custom tasks

Define a task as requiring a reading or level such as an appearance grading, a specific temperature, dates, currency amounts or free text (for comments).

Staff login

Staff can login live and view all the different tasks in the order they would actually do them, the recurrence of the task and specific locations for the task to be carried out.

Tasking page

Replace numerous log/check sheets with one dynamically generated tasking page showing only the tasks required of that member of staff and location they are in.

Area/sector tasks

Because the position of a member of staff is known, tasks which are defined in the system on start up for a specific area/sector, are made available when they move into that zone.

Due diligence

Increases due diligence as an employer and a supplier. If a member of staff tries to mark a task as complete when they are physically not in range, they are prevented and offered guidance to the location.

Live tasks

Tasks can be added dynamically by management and appear live as the member of staff completes their duties.

Incident logging

Allow staff to log any incidents/occurrences which may be detected in them carrying out their duties. This allows them to use the camera on their handheld device to record any relevant evidence and complete a report there and then. These details along with their precise location is logged in real time so that automatic notifications can be sent to the appropriate people for action to be taken efficiently.

Smart booking in/out

Allow staff to book in and out of shift using the same interface, and logs the location of the member of staff when this occurs, with parameters defined by management to only allow staff to sign in/out whilst on site.

Fraud prevention

This provides real time reporting, prevents fraud and timekeeping issues and reduces administration costs as all billing and payroll operations can be fed the data directly to avoid manual input.

With such a vast amount of data being logged in real time, the amount of valuable information which can be gleamed from this source is invaluable.

Continuum247 is able to provide advance data analytics to give you valuable business information such as...

  • Incident reports can be sent directly to the relevant personnel (such as maintenance staff) when an issue is detected rather than waiting until after the shift.
  • Route efficiency can be calculated by looking at the amount of time a member of staff is in a static position either side of carrying out a block of checks in each of their patrol zones. This enables more efficient deployment of resources.
  • Continuous bottlenecks or areas where the same incidents occur more frequently than others can be identified automatically so that appropriate resources can be deployed to prevent them (e.g. CCTV, increased staffing or increased patrol frequency, or increased maintenance checks). This will present a major saving in maintenance costs, and also personal injury/insurance overheads.