Do you find carrying out appraisals a chore?


Just as with the task and KPI tracking module, managers can define different types of questionnaire and attach custom questions or select from previously created questions.


Users state whether the questionnaire is to be completed with a member of staff, client or other stakeholder.

Recurring requirements

Specify recurring requirements for when each questionnaire is to be carried out for each member of staff or site.


Set alerts to remind the person designated to carry out the questionnaire to complete it.

Digital signing

Parties carrying out the questionnaires are able to sign the documents via a touch screen display using their finger.


Questionnaires are logged against staff or site records automatically and logs the location and date and time.

Questionnaire circulation

Copies of questionnaires can be sent by email to both parties and also any interested parties automatically in PDF format. This can also be actioned retrospectively.