Do you ever worry if your staff will turn up to their shifts, and how long do you spend searching for staff to fill those shifts?

Build rosters

Allow your team to efficiently and quickly build rosters for your sites, based on fresh requirements each period, or by duplicating previous periods (weeks/months etc...) requirements and adjusting where required.

Deploy staff quickly

Deploy staff straight from your central database fed by admin users' input or staff applications using our vetting facility.

Staff roles

Differentiate between different roles of staff being deployed to site.

Access anywhere

Access your site rosters from anywhere using any device.

Deploy subcontractors

Deploy staff from subcontractors using the system in exactly the same way as your own staff.

Manage access

Share access to elements of the rosters with site/client managers.

Shift acceptance

Staff log in and view their shifts and confirm acceptance, causing shift colours to update.

Colour coding

Colour coded interface highlighting shift status at sites (unfulfilled/fulfilled/notified etc...)

Warning alerts

Add warning alerts if gross profit on specific employments fall below specified level.

SMS notifications

SMS notification of shifts to workforce's mobile phones

Time off requests

Allow staff to book time off directly, with ability to authorise/refuse requests. This prevents deployment of staff who are not available.


Prevent staff from being deployed to specific sites by setting rules/blocks

Calculate travel times

Mapping integration to accurately calculate travel times between sites, and staff to prevent unachievable shift deployments

Working time limits

Ability to set working time limits which can include travel to and from site. This mitigates risk of instances of injury to personnel/3rd parties from over worked staff.

Legal deployment

Vetting and compliance info displayed on hand to ensure legal deployment of workforce. This includes ability to prevent non SIA licensed staff being deployed in security sector

Identity checking

For companies operating in the UK security industry, our system can link to the SIA portal to automatically look up status of all workers' licences, and ensure the identity of each worker is correct.