Does your accounts department waste time duplicating timesheet information for payroll, billing and P&L/Analysis?
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Timesheet access

Allow clients access to login and confirm their timesheet data which is prepopulated from either the deployment (Rota) data or the Workforce attendance data.

One click billing

One click billing and payroll processing by importing directly from rotas which have been confirmed either by site manager or internal management staff.

Import from device

If using patrol/staff welfare monitoring tags on sites, import directly from device to system for billing and payroll.

Staff access

Allow staff to log in and view what they are due to be paid based on your processed timesheets. This reduces pay queries and errors after payroll has been processed.

Item charges

Add charges for items as well as shifts/labour.

Site/role specific rates

Easily handle different pay and billing rates for individuals carrying out different roles at different sites, by using site/role specific rates.

Warning alerts

Add warning alerts if gross profit on shifts fall below certain levels.

Multi site invoices

Group multiple sites' timesheets into one invoice for parent company, or individual invoices per site.


Handle paying of subcontractors effortlessly.

Prevent disputes

Allow subcontractors access to view what their staff have worked through your contracts prior to invoicing you. This prevents pay/invoice disputes after processing.

Branded invoices

Send detailed invoices tailored easily to your branding by email, either individually or in bulk, or print to post hard copies.

Sage™ Sync

With our Sage™ Sync app, Continuum247 will automatically transfer all invoice data, and payroll data to Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 50 Payroll and Sage 200.

Excel export

Send invoice data to Sage or QuickBooks or other systems via our Excel export facility.

Profit/loss reports

Full profit and loss reporting on billing and payroll.