Frequently Asked Questions

We have an existing system/collection of spreadsheets/data. How do we import this into Continuum without losing our records history?

We have a standard import facility which allows companies to upload a spreadsheet containing all staff, client, site, pay rate, billing rate details quickly and easily. Not only do we provide this facility, but as part of our free setup, we will help collate this information from your existing software/files and ensure all the data is accurate first.

What specification do our computers need to be/how long will it take to install Continuum in our office?

We don't install any software on your computers. (You access Continuum from any device, anywhere on the planet, with no restriction on the number of users or devices. We host so you don't have to).

We have some requests for features within Continuum. How much will this cost?

We don't charge for updates/requests/changes! (We want partners, not clients).

With regards to support, is there an additional cost for having support on the system or are you charged per phone call to your support team?

No, there are no additional support charges, and no hidden costs for training or installation/setup etc… We don’t like to charge someone to get them up and running with us as a client! All client’s get a full day’s training for admin staff to allow them to get the best out of the system. The only charge we ever make is if a client needs extra training beyond the initial days training, and are not able to be flexible for us to come at a time when we can tie in with other visits. However, if you needed a specific day for whatever reason at short notice, then there would be a nominal charge for this to cover travel and potentially accommodation if you needed the full day. We do understand the “greyness of humanity”, and try to be as flexible as possible for our clients. If a client ever needed anything extra or some help/guidance in resolving a new issue faced as a company, we would be only too happy to help.

If we were to test the system out on a trial, how long is the trial for? And is this a free trial?

The trial is a one-month trial, and is completely free, and we would include us importing whatever data you have (we are even happy to take your existing data and populate our import spreadsheet for you if it helps), coming onsite and training, and ensuring you are up and running with Continuum.

How many users can you have for this system? If there are charge for additional users in the future?

The number of users is completely without restriction and has no impact on our charging structure.

How long does the system usually take to set up?

Depending on the “quality” of the data we get in the import spreadsheet (the more fields you complete for the staff and site records, the more features you can use straight away essentially), typically we aim to have companies up and running operationally on the same day. Because we come to do the training with the data already imported, it is just a case of showing you how to set up your rotas, configure your screening processes etc… If you send us a copy of your existing application form/pack and what documents you require from your staff, along with any policy documents you require, we will happily configure your online application form, and screening system for you in advance so you can hit the ground running.

Is there an increase in cost generically for the future and not just based on the increase of staff numbers?

No, there is no other cost increase. Even if we increase our prices in the future for the modules you take, you will remain on the existing lower pricing. Also, we do not take into account any one off increases or jobs in a 3-month period in the pricing tier you are in, as we appreciate that everyone has one off jobs, and natural seasonal variations. We also apply a 20vw margin to these levels, so only if you are 20vw over your current band for three consecutive months would we need to discuss moving you up to the next band of charges.

Is there a minimum contract we are tied in for?

No, there is no minimum contract, and you can cancel at any time.

How long is our data available online/do you automatically delete or archive any data after a period of time?

Currently, we have client’s data held online indefinitely as the default setting. Most of our current clients have the obvious requirement to keep data on a subject for up to 7 years from the time they cease employment, justified on the grounds of HMRC requirements and also requirements for insurance claims be it public liability or employer’s liability based. We have an algorithm to delete data on a subject automatically after a certain period, but retain the billing/payroll data etc… without the details of the member of staff retained if a client requests this. Also, all our clients have the ability to securely download an entire data dump of all their data in an encrypted excel file at any time, which can be uploaded again or filtered if the need arises. All data for each client is held in a completely separate, encrypted database and not shared between data stores on our servers. Hence, there is no risk of cross contamination or the requirement to archive or remove data arbitrarily.

We have documents and contracts which staff have signed off. How can we import this information?

If you send these to us, we can import them and upload them against each member of staff’s required documents section.

We currently grade our staff on reliability, are we going to be able to group these staff on the new system?

Yes, completely. Just create as many office use only custom questions as you need to in order to group them.

Can we transfer phone numbers and email address from continuum to a work phone?

Yes, all reports can be exported as excel or csv files so you can easily create an export file for contacts.

Is the system backed up onto a type of “cloud”?

It is inherently a cloud based system on our server, so is always online. Our servers are backed up live with multiple failsafe redundancies. You can also export all your data into a spreadsheet at any time with each table split into a separate worksheet tab in case you wish to keep an offline backup at any point too.

We also wanted to clarify, in the event that Continuum were to stop operating, do you have a notice period in place for us to be able to find an alternative system?

Although we certainly have no intention of this occurring (!), in addition to the ability for you to get your data from point 7, we have full data and business continuity insurance up to £20M. Also, there is no restriction on notice you need to give us if you do wish to end the subscription.

If you require any more assistance, refer to the Contact page.